We are bringing the “GATHERING” back to the “WORSHIP GATHERING” through the online experience!

You now have the opportunity to SIT with others at a table, while you engage in the LIVESTREAM every Sunday.  From 8:45 am – 12:30 pm click the link below to access the ALTAR LIVE link where you can chat face to face, or audibly, and bounce around from one table to another to SEE your church family.

Rather than just WATCH in isolation from wherever you are, during the worship, during prayer, or during the message, you can interact with other people in your Church Family.  It’s a place to affirm what the Holy Spirit is saying to you at any moment, or to encourage others with how a point in the message is impacting your heart.

Altar Live works on a laptop directly through your web browser.  It works on a smartphone, or tablet by downloading an APP from your APP store.

And if at any time you are struggling to figure it out, please email me directly.  I would love to help get you connected to your brothers and sisters each and every Sunday.

Please note: If you are on a mobile device you will be prompted to download the Altar App