Ballot Casting

This page is to inform you of our hope as the Elder Board that you would affirm the following proposal and recommendation, in keeping with our direction to "determine" the number of additional at-large members:
"Whereas Fusion Community Church has experienced significant growth and opportunities for ministry in our region over the last many years, be it resolved that in October of 2022, our Local Board of Administration (Elders) be increased from 5 elected positions, to 6 elected positions, serving in two year, overlapping terms.  One Secretary, One Treasurer, and Four Members at Large, one of the 6 being appointed as Vice-Chairman.  Each year 2 members at large will be elected, and 1 positional Elder role (Secretary or Treasurer) will be elected."

Choosing to support this additional seat on our Board of Elders is also supporting the immediate election of Steve Kanagy to serve in that seat which will expire in April 2024.

Steve Kanagy

Steve has been a part of Fusion for many years. He serves on a Welcome team, and is a part of a DiscipleMaker group.

Pin Number Request

 Closes Saturday 10/1 @ NOON
(After 10/1 @ NOON you will need to vote in person on 10/2)


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