Reaching the next generation is tough. Apathy is growing. Atheism has doubled. And nearly half of young Christians think it’s offensive to share their faith with their friends.

That’s why your teens need to be at Dare 2 Share LIVE. It’s a one-day live simulcast and outreach event that will give your teens the inspiration, motivation, and training they need to be confident in sharing their faith with others.

At Dare 2 Share LIVE your teens will experience…

Relevant teaching from national youth speakers

High energy Praise & Worship Gospel party!

Skits and dramas communicated with clarity

Faith-sharing Outreach event in the afternoon

Motivation for students to go deeper in their faith

Thousands of peers mobilized through an app


In the past decade, teenage suicide has increased more than 50%. One in five has experienced bullying at school. And every 24 hours, 15,000 teenagers will use drugs for the first time. The only hope in the darkness is the love and power of Jesus. That’s why Dare 2 Share LIVE trains Christian students how to share their faith — so every teen, everywhere hears the Gospel from a friend.